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Google Ads? Worth it!

Google Ad

Have you considered advertising with Google?  Why? THEY WORK! Fire Pixel can help you set up a standard advertising campaign or an advanced campaign (with graphic ads – banner, leaderboards, boxes, etc..).

Google Ad Banner Example:

Have you seen this ad?  Fire Pixel spends $400/month for over 400,000 impressions with Google. All of our ads are graphic with our logo and they only display within 40-miles of our office.  Our ad displays on websites only,,, Popular Blogs, etc..  Your monthly budget can whatever you choose, track the results and adjust your budget to maximize your ROI.

If you set up your account by September 30th, 2013, go here: and use code 3H7QX-NUEXW-QRHQ for $150 in free advertising when you spend $50.

If you want help setting up you standard campaign or advanced graphic campaign, let us know!

Tony Moon

I've been Developing Websites in Green Bay, WI since 1999 with a focus on Design, Function, Interface and Search Engine Optimization.

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