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Jeremy Wauters

IT & Programming
Jeremy Wauters - IT Programming

I keep an eye on Fire Pixel’s matrix of “behind the scenes” operations within the IT department, and make sure everything is functioning at full throttle. In other words, I’m watching the status of our servers, keeping track of data usage on our client’s remote backups, monitoring the exchange servers for security threats, along with many other necessary tasks.

I studied my trade purely through hands-on experience. When I was twelve years old (1988), I brought 2 junk TV’s to a local TV/audio repair shop, sold them, and asked if any help was needed around the shop. They hired me to do general maintenance such as painting and cutting lawn twice a week. In less than three months I was working general labor and assisting in service repairs. I got to fiddle with Fender Guitars, amps, keyboards, organs, and make audio cables. Eventually I ran a DJ service on the weekends. At 16 (1992), I studied for and passed my FCC Technician exam to became a Ham Radio Operator. I still operate my Ham Radio today (FCC Call Sign: W9JLW)!

In the mid 1990’s, I ran a BBS (Bulletin Board System) from a 386 / 20MHz computer over a 9600BPS modem via phone line (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulletin_board_system). Yes that’s right, 20MHz! Today’s smart phones operate at 1300MHz, and desktops are running over 3000MHz.

Once the Internet became available to the public, my field became a whole new adventure. I began learning the Unix/Linux operating systems and started developing websites before teaming up with Tony Moon in 1999. It was around this time that I started programming in PHP along with the MySQL database. I also hosted 8 game servers across the US/Canada as gamehosts.com.

Today I am fluent with PHP, MySQL, and can develop custom programs that manage business and shop operations. I consider programming and scripting my specialty.

I also enjoy taking a breather from technology at times when I go out camping, fishing, and hunting.

Jeremy Wauters