A Highly Optimized Website for Green Bay Marketing Pro


Fire Pixel‘s long-time collaborator, BAER Performance Marketing, already had a strong online presence, but they recently chose to have Fire Pixel modernize their website even further with a full-width layout, parallax scrolling elements, SEO optimization, and a responsive design that offers a seamless flow between desktop and mobile viewing. Even though they requested the works for their website, this project was still a piece of cake for Fire Pixel to take on. If you’re in need of a marketing professional to get the word out about your business, then look no further than BAER PM!

BAER PM offers marketing services that enable businesses to free up their personnel’s schedules, allowing them to better focus on other day-to-day duties.   BAER PM offers many marketing services including market research, brand development, media planning, public relations, social media, and graphic design.


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