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This is the latest in spam scams.  If you receive an email that invites you to view a document, don’t click the Open in Docs button (I received 5 of them today).  The next screen will ask if you want to give permissions to your GMAIL account and the next thing that will happen will this email will send itself to all of your GMAIL contacts.  Sounds like many of these malicious emails started in the school system but they have now spread to everyone and they can affect everyone with a GMAIL account.

But I already clicked the link and the allow button, so now what?

If you already did click the Open in Docs button and the Allow button on the following screen, you are DOOMED!  Just kidding, but you and your contacts are inconvenienced.  First you’ll want to remove the unwanted access by visiting this link:
Find “Google Docs” in the list (this isn’t actually Google Docs) and click the large REMOVE button.  This will remove the unwanted access from your account.

Unfortunately it’s too late to retrieve all of the emails that went out so next you might want to send an email to all of your GMAIL contacts warning them not to open the email.  To email all of your GMAIL contacts, compose a new email in GMAIL, click where it says “Bcc” (stands for Blind Carbon Copy) on the right.  This will add a Bcc line to your email header, then click “Bcc” so you can email everyone without sharing all of your contacts.  On this screen select all of your contacts.


The email you send should be something like this:


If you received an email inviting you to view a Google Doc from me or anyone else, don’t click the link.  Here is why:


Good luck, spread the word and stay safe!  If you have any additional questions about this email or emails like it, give us a call, 920-366-7334


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