Mass Email: Be Kind to Your Neighbors


Sending promotional emails to your client base is a very useful strategy in any marketing plan.  It’s fast, direct, and simple.  Right?  Well, not quite as simple as one might think.  There are certain rules that need to be applied to these emails in accordance with the law (CAN-SPAM Act), and violators can be fined up to $16,000.

Also, it’s not just you who is affected when your mass-email is composed incorrectly.  If your promotional emails are in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act, the server hosting your email account can become blacklisted.  That means email leaving that server through any of your host’s clients will bounce back as “undeliverable.”  To put that into perspective, your emails won’t be sent, and the neighboring business across the street won’t be able to send email either.  Getting a server removed from a blacklist can be a very lengthy process, sometimes the process can take as long as 2-4 weeks!

Since Fire Pixel hosts hundreds of email accounts, we ask that you use discretion when sending emails to multiple recipients.  When you have a message you want to spread by email, we recommend utilizing a 3rd party email marketing service for mass-email (such as mail chimp or constant contact).  These services will make sure everything in your email is up to speed and they’ll grade your email with a spam score so you can keep your email away from the evil clutches of the mighty spam filters.  You’ll also have access to metrics that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you including who opened your email, who clicked on any links included in your email, and which email accounts are active/inactive.  Best of all, when you utilize one of these services, your mass-email will not go through your host’s server, eliminating risk from the equation.  This chart will help you compare the services.  Both are very user-friendly and have options to embed Newsletter Signup forms in your website.

Email Marketing

Take some time to learn about the CAN-SPAM Act here.  If any issues arise in regard to your email or if you need help implementing a newsletter signup form, Fire Pixel can help!

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