Green Bay Arts Organization Website Upgrade

Fire Pixel has been supporting the local nonprofit arts-advocacy organization, Mosaic Arts Inc, for many years.  Their past website was not responsive, but they’ve recently found themselves ready to approve a mobile-friendly upgrade!  Fire Pixel completely revamped the programming of their website to accommodate a full-width layout, make content updates easier for Mosaic’s staff, as well as directory updates for smoother searching and data entry.

Mosaic Arts Inc. is dedicated to piecing together the variety of arts and cultural opportunities in the local community, to reveal an exciting and vibrant cultural landscape. They promote and support the work of artists, arts & cultural organizations, and creative businesses in the greater Green Bay area.

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Green Bay Tech Solutions Website

By working together, Fire Pixel and BAER Performance Marketing were able to create a website that more closely represents the tech-savvy knowhow of Management Concepts, Inc.  Their new website features a full width and responsive layout, with both blog and event feeds filtering into the front page!

Management Concepts, Inc. offers progressive technology solutions along with local support, training and consulting services; all through the use of applications, hardware, and software.

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National Pavement Maintenance Website


American Pavement Solutions’ previous website was getting very outdated, so Fire Pixel paved the way for their successful online presence by making their new website mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and visually appealing.

American Pavement Solutions is a total pavement maintenance company. Every day across the country, they send crews to work on parking lots, streets, highways, military bases, and airport runways. They get the job done with a strong commitment to quality and service—the same commitment that brought the company from a small sealcoating business to a national pavement specialist over the past twenty-five years.

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Educational Casework Website


Our recent client, Diversifed Woodcrafts, was so pleased with their website that they utilized Fire Pixel once again for their sister-company’s website, Diversified Casework.  This new project was very similar to the previous one, featuring a mobile-friendly design and a portal just for their product dealers.

Since 1975, Diversified Casework has instilled the need for quality products and exceptional service in producing quality science, research, and lab products. Today, from project initiation to the final walk-through they are your strategic partner. With their ingenuity, quality craftsmanship, and skilled workers, Diversified Casework continues to grow and establish themselves as an industry leader.

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Northeast Wisconsin Automation Website


TechVisions & Solutions needed a simple, yet responsive, website to showcase their services.  Fire Pixel was able to set them up with a great new website that meets their needs while also meeting their budget.  TechVisions & Solutions is an automation contractor serving Northeast Wisconsin. With 20 years of experience, they offer solutions to automate your building or process. They partner with piping and ventilation contractors to offer complete solutions to suit your needs. TechVisions & Solutions also offers mechanical service and maintenance for your equipment, allowing you to utilize a one-stop contractor to handle all your needs.

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Green Bay Custom Cabinetry Website


Elegant Cabinets has utilized Fire Pixel in the past for their website needs, and now our friends have returned for a complete remodel of their online presence.  Being easily updatable, responsive, optimized for search engines, and fitted with an easy-to-use blog; this website is ready to bolster the company’s growth.  Look to Elegant Cabinets for your next kitchen makeover!

Elegant Cabinets has the expertise and workforce to handle any job, large or small, commercial or residential. Located in Green Bay, they create great pieces of work throughout the Northeastern area of Wisconsin and as far South as Illinois. Enjoy the peace-of-mind in working with their talented group of professionals!

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Green Bay Production & Events Website


Atlas Pro AV wanted their show-stopping style to be reflected in their website, and Fire Pixel delivered by inserting interactive scroll-activated animations into this responsive website. Atlas Pro AV is a production & events company specializing in sound setup, staging, lighting, and video production.  Their clients have come to understand that not only do they develop and execute complex events, Atlas Pro AV has an eye for detail and a “never-rest” approach to their deployments. Let Atlas Pro AV set the stage at your next big event!

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Mailinator Shared Google Doc with you


This is the latest in spam scams.  If you receive an email that invites you to view a document, don’t click the Open in Docs button (I received 5 of them today).  The next screen will ask if you want to give permissions to your GMAIL account and the next thing that will happen will this email will send itself to all of your GMAIL contacts.  Sounds like many of these malicious emails started in the school system but they have now spread to everyone and they can affect everyone with a GMAIL account.

But I already clicked the link and the allow button, so now what?

If you already did click the Open in Docs button and the Allow button on the following screen, you are DOOMED!  Just kidding, but you and your contacts are inconvenienced.  First you’ll want to remove the unwanted access by visiting this link:
Find “Google Docs” in the list (this isn’t actually Google Docs) and click the large REMOVE button.  This will remove the unwanted access from your account.

Unfortunately it’s too late to retrieve all of the emails that went out so next you might want to send an email to all of your GMAIL contacts warning them not to open the email.  To email all of your GMAIL contacts, compose a new email in GMAIL, click where it says “Bcc” (stands for Blind Carbon Copy) on the right.  This will add a Bcc line to your email header, then click “Bcc” so you can email everyone without sharing all of your contacts.  On this screen select all of your contacts.


The email you send should be something like this:


If you received an email inviting you to view a Google Doc from me or anyone else, don’t click the link.  Here is why:


Good luck, spread the word and stay safe!  If you have any additional questions about this email or emails like it, give us a call, 920-366-7334

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Non-Profit Bleeding Disorder Outreach Website


Hemophilia Outreach Center’s previous website didn’t have the easiest setup for applying content revisions, causing it to look a bit cluttered.  It was very important for this non-profit organization to have their website clearly display all the events, services, and programs they provide to those with bleeding disorders, and to those who wish to learn more about them.  That’s where Fire Pixel comes in!  The Fire Pixel team tidied up Hemophilia Outreach Center’s website by applying a modern look with an organized navigation, and by incorporating a handy content management tool for easy updating.

Hemophilia Outreach Center is dedicated to providing expert, specialized medical care and advocacy for persons with bleeding disorders.  They create and implement programs that educate, empower, and enrich the bleeding disorder community.  Consider sending them a tax-deductible donation to help support all that they do!

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Sports Recruitment Website


Fire Pixel’s recent client, Midstar Printing, was so happy with their website that they reached out to the Fire Pixel crew on a huge project for their client, Whist’l.  With Fire Pixel’s help, the new Whist’l website serves as a useful tool that aids in the sports recruitment process for athletes wanting to compete at the college level.

This project involved many interlocking pieces; which include membership access levels, the ability to upload varying media into individual profiles, and an organized database for networking internally within the platform’s community.  Fire Pixel had this digital tool running smoothly in no time, while keeping the website as mobile friendly as can be!

If you’re a young student athlete looking to get ahead in college level sports, check out Whist’l and give their platform a try!

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