Online Shopping Continues to Rise

Despite our roller-coaster economy, advertisers spent 12% more on Internet advertising in the first quarter from a year ago, according to a new report from Nielsen.

Nielsen writes, “With consumer confidence up and brands looking to reconnect, it’s no surprise that spending on advertising is on the rise.”  This is good news for shopping cart websites, the number of online shoppers is sticking with a predictable incline.

U.S. Census Bureau News – U.S. Department of Commerce

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Shopping Carts by Fire Pixel

HiFi Heaven – Audio Video Electronics
Lakewood Products – Sportsmen Cases
Honest Pet Products – Natural Pet Products
Computer Bug – Computer Sales & Service
Facility Supply Solutions – Janitorial Supply
Parkwest Pediatric – Dental Products
American Prosthetic Components – Ordering and Quoting
Seal Products – Seals & Parts
Pediatric Resuscitation Guide – Guide & Tape


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