Why Blog?

Blog, Blogging, Blogger, Huh?

A blog is basically a one-page website where you can post useful or relevant information for anyone to access.  Typically this information is displayed in reverse chronological order.  Blogs have quickly become a very affordable mainstream marketing tool for businesses.  The best part about blogs, they are easy!

Why Business Blogging?

1. Increase Traffic to your website

In a world where businesses are all fighting for top of the ladder search engine ranking, content is king.  The more relevant content you post on the web, the better the chances you have of being discovered.  The beautiful thing about keywords is, they will most likely be seeking out the very services you provide.

2. Reach Out to Your Clients and Prospects
Through blogging, you can provide news, events, and other relevent information in your area of expertise.  Provide value to your website users beyond the information you’ve posted on your website.

3. Establish Your Business as an Industry Knowledge Leader
By providing useful tips and advice to your users that they can apply to their own businesses, you will establish your business as the “go to connection” for future inquiries.

How Much Does a Blog Cost?

Fire Pixel has multiple pricing tiers for different types of installations.  The best method is to install the blog on your existing domain so you get the credit for the content.  A blog set up on www.blogger.com/mybusiness doesn’t do your website any good.  Contact Us for a quote today!


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